You are registering to become a TITAN for the First Virtual Global Community.  It is the most exciting opportunity in Sports for the 21st Century. Please remember you must be an Individual Member in the Community before you can become an active TITAN.  So if you have not filled out the Individual Member enrollment then you will need to do that after you finish here.  If you have already enrolled as an Individual Member then you will be set after filling this simple form.  Also, remember that your Annual Enrollment as an Individual Member will have to be maintained for you to keep your status as a TITAN.

We are looking forward to what you are bringing to the First Virtual Global Community and its Sports Program.

If you are an Athlete who also wants to participate in Sports then you need to Enroll in the White Lion Competition.  It is Free to enroll if you are an Individual Member.

Fill out the form and start today as a C.R. Globe – TITAN.

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